Natural ultra-thin stone system operator of China

About Us

The Year 2013  

The company initially involved in the ultra-thin stone industry as an investor.

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The Year 2014  

"Weitu Stone Industry" was established.

The Year 2015

Bona Information; machine development succeeded.

June-August 2016

The company was moved to Du Village Industrial Park to expand the production capacity; Huangdao Rescue Center, Hisense Dongshan County; in December, it established Building Research Weitu Technology R&D Center jointly with China Academy of Building Research.

The Year 2017

Ultra-thin stone intelligent wire cutting machine was developed successfully.

January 2018

The Company undertook the establishment of the Academician Hou Li'an Research Team, and jointly initiated the establishment of Qingdao Sunac New Materials Engineering Research Institute. In May, it reached strategic cooperation with Country Garden; in August, the first investment fund was introduced; in September, together with the Country Garden delegation, we went to Xinjiang to investigate the mine and signed a contract of purchase of 200 million with the Licang District Government.